Who We Are

Mujeres en Acción

Mujeres started as a pilot program of the Action Council, funded by the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation of Monterey County in 2015. The program was designed to offer learning opportunities and resources to women across Monterey County with an interest in improving their economic circumstances. The program began with cohorts in Castroville, Salinas, Soledad and Greenfield. Through a participant-driven approach, the Mujeres meetings are tailored to the unique needs of 15-20 women per group. Session topics range from access to affordable childcare and education, to leadership skills and self-esteem support, or any other issue that might help advance the economic mobility, agency, and self-sufficiency of women. Over the past seven years, the organization has grown into a trusted resource for the communities it serves. Mujeres’ peer support and economic justice model was built on the assumption that small regional groups of women interested in their financial security and the wellbeing of others could transform themselves, as well as their communities. Society benefits through engaging the collective power of women with great leadership potential. Supporting women is one of the most effective means of advancing family and community economic development. Despite their immense contributions, women in our communities often have limited access to fair wages, financial services, economic opportunities, education and healthcare, legal and political representation, and other rights. The challenges are compounded for undocumented immigrants and single mothers. Mujeres has demonstrated, over the past seven years, that the women we work with become active and impactful members of their communities, not only transforming their own lives, but also the lives of those around them.

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